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Mark R. St.Onge, DVM

A resident of the Atlanta area since 1993, Dr. St.Onge is originally from Arkansas where he attended and graduated from the University of Arkansas. He is a 1988 graduate of Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine and has spent time in veterinary practice in Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia. His split SEC alumni background is no problem for him as he is an avid Arkansas Razorback fan.

Having spent over a dozen years managing and visiting veterinary facilities, and speaking at veterinary schools, Dr. St.Onge has seen all aspects of veterinary practice. For three years he was fortunate enough to be an invited speaker at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, and he enjoys the mentorship opportunities being a "bit older" affords him. Dr. St.Onge finds his best moments are spent in the outdoors, with his family and friends, and with the pets he sees on a daily basis. He and his family which include his Atlanta Humane Society adoptee dog, Apple, have lived in the neighboring Northlake area for the past decade and a half, and he is thrilled to be part of the Brookhaven business community.

Britton Hammett-McCurry, DVM

Dr. Britton works with us on a part-time basis adding a decidedly younger and more female viewpoint to our medicine.  A native of Georgia, Britton loves adventure and travel (both with and without her husband) with her more recent trips being to Machu Picchu and Nicaragua.  Personable, fun-loving, and a great fit for Buckhaven, Britton’s major flaws appear to be an unexplainable interest in candy and Harry Potter.

Samantha - Receptionist

A transplant from the Commonwealth of Maryland, Samantha is our resident crazy cat lady.  As if that weren't enough she is also into anime and professional wrestling.  Samantha has recent experience in a human internal medicine practice, and is thrilled to now be working webmd.com in a veterinary setting.  She has a resident population of four cats, and unless we stop her, any number of pass through foster cats/kittens.  She loves to cook, and frequently does so for the rest of us.

Schelby - Vet Assistant

With past experience in a local boarding facility, Schelby is our newest staff member.  Originally from Conyers, Schelby moved to the big city to live large.  Rarely flustered and ever relaxed Schelby likes spending her free time with her dog and cat as well as perfecting her Poi Dance techniques.  It's all cool.

Haylie - Vet Assistant

A recent addition, Haylie is actively applying to veterinary schools.  Having worked in veterinary practice previously Haylie was able to easily slide into our workflow.  A self-proclaimed hippy kid of Californian parents Haylie "loves horses and her boyfriend too."  Home skillet be free-falling.


A nurse with two Bachelor Degrees (albeit from Auburn), Michelle works weekends at BuckHaven Veterinary Clinic and weekdays at a human internal medicine practice.  Additionally Michelle has worked in laboratory, veterinary clinic, and National Park settings.  She loves spending her free time with her children and pets.



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