Mark R. St.Onge, DVM

A resident of the Atlanta area since 1993, Dr. St.Onge is originally from Arkansas where he attended and graduated from the University of Arkansas. He is a 1988 graduate of Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine and has spent time in veterinary practice in Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia. His split SEC alumni background is no problem for him as he is an avid Arkansas Razorback fan.

Having spent over a dozen years managing and visiting veterinary facilities, and speaking at veterinary schools, Dr. St.Onge has seen all aspects of veterinary practice. For three years he was fortunate enough to be an invited speaker at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, and he enjoys the mentorship opportunities being a "bit older" affords him. Dr. St.Onge finds his best moments are spent in the outdoors, with his family and friends, and with the pets he sees on a daily basis. He and his family which include his Atlanta Humane Society adoptee dog, Apple, have lived in the neighboring Northlake area for the past decade and a half, and he is thrilled to be part of the Brookhaven business community.

Britton Hammett-McCurry, DVM

Dr. Britton worked with us on a part-time basis for roughly 3 years before joining us on a full-time basis. She adds a decidedly younger, more female, and arguably more attractive viewpoint to our medicine and appearance. A native of Georgia, And an Honor Graduate for UGA College of Veterinary Medicine, Britton loves adventure and travel (both with and without her husband). She spends a portion of her time doing volunteer veterinary work in Nicaragua, and is the surrogate mother to a collection of misfit pets. Personable, fun-loving, and a great fit for Buckhaven, Britton’s major flaws appear to be an unexplained interest in Game of Thrones, Outlander, and Harry Potter. The fortunate end of Game of Thrones (I will synopsize: Daenerys and JR Snow awake in a shower in Snow White's house where they discover Tyrion is the missing 8th Dwarf and the entire GOT series was a dream sequence) has allowed Britton the free time to question what she considers good writing and to fully commit to us.

Jonathan Holzwarth, DVM- Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Jon (or Dr. Hogwarts) is a recent graduate with honors from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. A native of Boston, Jon "attended Davidson University in the glory days of Steph Curry", and is an avid Patriots fan (or what we call a Damn Yankee.) Dr. Jon comes to us with experience in an Atlanta area clinic, and with a desire to become part of the community. He is dedicated to both his cat, Sushi, his hipster beard, and clearly remaining in a single lifestyle setting. Having attained Grand Master in Dungeon and Dragonry, Jon moved on and (like Dr. Britton) is now a fan of Harry Potter which can only mean that UGA is promoting a fantasyland culture.

Samantha - Receptionist

A transplant from the Commonwealth of Maryland, Samantha is our resident crazy cat lady. As if that weren't enough she is also into anime and professional wrestling. Samantha has recent experience in a human internal medicine practice, and is thrilled to now be working in a veterinary setting. She has a resident population of five cats, and unless we stop her, any number of pass through foster cats/kittens. She loves to cook, and frequently does so for the rest of us.

Victoria - Receptionist

Having recently moved back to the Atlanta area from the megametropolis of Hickory, North Carolina, Victoria along with her high school love fiancee' is happy to be back in Georgia. With plans for a minimum of five children (what we in the biz call a "litter") we expect Victoria to work with us for a long haul in an effort to create a huge bankroll to support all her children. In her free time Victoria likes to work in the yard planting weeds (she says clover is impossible to kill), shop for tiaras, and sunburn.

Mary - Vet Assistant

Mary has recently joined us as part of a workforce/societal reintroduction program. In the past she has vacillated between bartending and veterinary practice (which is a match much like peanut butter and jelly), and says she now feels like she is where she was meant to be. Mary lives with her best friend (who she is NOT dating) and a collection of 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Kat/Kate - Vet Assistant

Having relocated to Atlanta from Alabama, Kat is said to be enjoying the thrills of indoor plumbing and Uber Eats. Equally as cat crazy as Samantha, Kate and her spouse have FIVE cats. When not cleaning litter boxes she also works as an illustrator and on-line concept designer. Kat likes to play video games (especially anime) and is said to be working creating her own anime video concept in which she has cat-like superpowers like always being able to land on her feet, and a hypnotizing purr. She assures us this is not a Catwoman knock-off character.


While their names may or may not be important we seasonally employee students who fit into one of the following categories:

1.) Aspiring pre-veterinary college undergrad

2.) Aspiring veterinary student

3.) Dependant college undergrad seeking understanding of what they want to do in the future and being forced by their parents to work

4.) Non-college students more motivated than most college students


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