Mark R. St.Onge, DVM

A resident of the Atlanta area since 1993, Dr. St.Onge is originally from Arkansas where he attended and graduated from the University of Arkansas. He is a 1988 graduate of Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine and has spent time in veterinary practice in Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia. His split SEC alumni background is no problem for him as he is an avid Arkansas Razorback fan.

Having spent over a dozen years managing and visiting veterinary facilities, and speaking at veterinary schools, Dr. St.Onge has seen all aspects of veterinary practice. For three years he was fortunate enough to be an invited speaker at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, and he enjoys the mentorship opportunities being a "bit older" affords him. Dr. St.Onge finds his best moments are spent in the outdoors, with his family and friends, and with the pets he sees on a daily basis. He and his family which include his Atlanta Humane Society adoptee dog, Apple, have lived in the neighboring Northlake area for the past two decades, and he is thrilled to be part of the Brookhaven business community.

Jonathan Holzwarth, DVM- Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Jonathan is a graduate with honors from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. A native of Boston, Jonathan attended Davidson University "in the glory days of Steph Curry", and is an avid Patriots fan (or what we call a Damn Yankee.) Dr. Jonathan came to us with experience at an Atlanta area clinic, and with a desire to become part of the community. His parents and one brother live in the Atlanta area, his other brother is somewhere else (we no talk about him), and he is dedicated to his cat, Sushi, his hipster beard, and for absolutely no believable reason Chelsea FC. In his free time Jonathan enjoys playing soccer, claims to workout with his brother a lot, is an on and off trivia champion, and enjoys touring breweries with his friends and brother.

Dana Schaefer, DVM- Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Dana is a refugee from some Carribean veterinary school who was taken in by the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  After graduating from NC State Dana spent a number of years practicing in coastal Virginia, and now has moved to the Brookhaven area to be closer to her sister, brother in law, and two nephews (the latter on which she doats to a shameful level).  She likes walks on the beach, the Braves, and Bon Jovi.  She wanted this bio to be "in all caps".  She is a work in progress.

Samantha - Receptionist

A transplant from the Commonwealth of Maryland, Samantha is our resident crazy cat lady. As if that weren't enough she is also into anime and professional wrestling. Samantha has been with Buckhaven for 6 years having joined us from a human internal medicine practice. She and her fiancee' and brand new baby have a resident population of five cats, and unless we stop her, any number of pass through foster cats/kittens. She loves to cook, and frequently does so for us (if her fiancee' doesn't find it and eat it first).  

Sarah - Receptionist

Sarah was raised in the Atlanta area, and tried to move away to New Jersey, but was returned to sender. The recipient of diplomas from three different high schools Sarah joins us after having re-examined her life’s goal of becoming a high school valedictorian.   She currently lives with one of her brothers, (the other brother won the coin toss), and joined us after a failed internship at Piercing Pagoda.  Sarah appears to have attended the Ashley School of Energy where she received training in excitement control and disinterest.  She is a person of few words but when she does speak it is typically a really horrible dad joke or just to remind us that she is irreplaceable.  We are ambivalent about having her here.

Yani - Vet Assistant

Hailing from the "New York" area, Yani is semi-fluent in both English and Spanish, and she enjoys raising guinea pigs, and cooking for herself and her fiancee'.  We have been assured that the guinea pigs are being raised as pets, but while Yani always brings her own home cooked lunch with her she never offers us any instead telling us that we "wouldn't like it."  She is super nice like that.  

Ashley/Linda -  Vet Assistant

Originally interviewing with the name or alias of "Linda", Ashley came to us from another Atlanta area clinic.  Ashley lives somewhere well south of the airport, and as such is subject to the rolling roadblocks set up to limit the number of people from that end of town entering Atlanta.  A self-proclaimed energetic and personable individual, Ashley is also known by her coworkers as "Sheeyore".  In her free time Ashley likes to work on her show car (think LA in the 70's), watching TikTok, and generally exude an energy one beat above flatline.  The force is weak with this one.


While their names may or may not be important we seasonally employee students who fit into one of the following categories:

1.) Aspiring pre-veterinary college undergrad

2.) Aspiring veterinary student

3.) Dependant college undergrad seeking understanding of what they want to do in the future and being forced by their parents to work

4.) Non-college students more motivated than most college students